Hi, I'm Ryan Rizzo...

I'm an Entrepreneur and a Developer.

So what are my skills?


I love working with a team and coming up with creative ways to solve problems and improve products. I've designed products from inception to market.


I've developed multiple iOS apps and delivered them to the App Store. I love coding and all the challenges that come with it. To be a good programmer you always have to be learning, and I take that very seriously.


In order to be productive, everyone needs to do their part. If I can do it, I'll get it done. If there's a challenge, I will let you know. But I'll never leave you in the dark.

What are some things I've built?

ER Maps is a mobile application designed to help guide EMTs to the nearest ER for their specific emergency.

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Play by Play is an iOS app that lets MLB fans compete against each other by picking the outcome of each at bat before it begins.

Interested in working with me?

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